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Love. God began with it, and He will end with it. When studying and researching the Bible concerning the end-time, it is shocking to see the number of verses about love. Sadly, most people’s love will grow cold leading up to and during the Tribulation and Second Coming of Jesus (Matthew 24:12). Knowing the signs before this time, being prepared, and not caught off guard will help sustain our love for Christ and others.

This book has four primary purposes: One, to present a clear and theologically sound understanding of end-time prophecies. Two, to prepare us for the Tribulation. Three, to radically change our lives and get us ready as a holy people for Christ’s return and thereby have Him glorified in us. And four, to love like never before.

The study of prophecy can seem overwhelming. So many of us do not seek or know what to watch for and expect. It is easy to adopt the “que sera, sera” attitude. This book takes complex and challenging topics of prophecy and simplifies them into an easily understood language in a condensed format. Simplifying prophecy will result in a better understanding of the end-time. We will discern whether we are approaching them and how we should respond.

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When the Perfect Comes

“A masterful yet truly accessible survey of end-time theology. Young presents complex topics in a very readable manner, all the while remaining faithful to Scripture.”

—Micah Redfield, Master of Theology from Denver Seminary

Scripture affirms what the apostles passed down to the early church, including that the church will go through the entire Tribulation and the Antichrist will come from the Middle East.

If the Early Church and ancient Jewish writings, including Hosea, are correct, the Tribulation might start within the
next three years.

Brad Young examines what the Bible tells us about the end-time as well as the Second Coming of Christ.
He considers questions such as:

  • Why should we study prophecy?
  • How do we discover prophetic truth?
  • Can the Bible’s prophecies be trusted?
  • What happens before and during the Tribulation?
  • Who will the Antichrist be, and what is the Mark of the Beast?
  • How should we prepare for the Tribulation and Second Coming?

He also examines why there is a need for the Tribulation, what happens when Christ returns, and what the Kingdom of God will be like. Other topics include the role of Islam during the end-time as well as the role of Russia.

Also, how Iran will spark a war in the Middle East just before the Tribulation.

Simplified and condensed with over 500 references – When The Perfect Comes – covers all aspects of prophecy which affect our lives and instructs us on the signs to look for. This is the only prophecy book you need to understand the end-time and what to do about it.

As a retired chiropractor, Dr. Young has devoted the last 20-plus years to researching and writing about prophecy.

Discover what the Bible tells us about the Second Coming of Christ and change your life forever with the wisdom in When the Perfect Comes.

Click here Westbow Press “A Division of Zondervan” $14.99

Buy on Amazon $14.99

All proceeds go to charity.”