The US Will Not Intervene in an Israel/Iran War

Yair Lapid, Israel’s Prime Minister, recently addressed the United Nations General Assembly on September 22, 2022, and spoke about the issue of the US’s support militarily in case of a war in the Middle East with Iran.

Lapid stated: “Alas, the White House perhaps doesn’t want to be dragged into a new Middle East war if pro-Tehran proxies and militias retaliate against an Israeli attack against Iran.”

Lapid made it clear that if Iran developed a nuclear weapon they would use it to destroy Israel. He said that Israel would strike Iran’s nuclear facilities if they acquire a nuclear bomb.

Lapid went on to state: “To be objective, we must say that a US entry into any level of military conflict with Iran at the moment is a disastrous scenario for Washington, whether in terms of timing, consequences or outcome of that conflict and perhaps, a free gift to the US strategic adversaries and an ideal opportunity to respond to US support for Ukraine against Russia.”

As discussed in chapter 8 of my book, Iran will spark the coming Middle East war prior to the Tribulation, and no nation will be able to stop them. With what happened in Afghanistan, Americans are quite leery of another Middle Eastern war and will not stop Iran when they make their move.


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