Is Iran preparing for its pre-Tribulation move on the Middle East?

The ram (Iran) of Daniel 8 will begin its military move in the Middle East just prior to the Tribulation.

Daniel had a vision of a ram beginning a war in the Middle East, according to the angel Gabriel. The ram is signified by the area of Persia which is current-day Iran.

One of the directions that Iran will travel in its conquest will be northward. Countries north of Iran include Azerbaijan and Armenia.

Daniel 8:4 states: “I watched the ram as it charged toward the west and the north and the south. No animal could stand against it, and none could rescue from its power. It did as it pleased and became great.”

Conflicts with Azerbaijan and Armenia have been occurring for decades. The disputes involve which side owns the rights to the Nagorno-Karabakh area. Armenia currently inhabits this area, but the international community sees Azerbaijan as its rightful owner.

This area north of Iran is important because of the commerce between Iran and Europe. Tasnim, a news agency in Iran, states: “Since the beginning of the Second Nagorno-Karabakh War, it was feared that as a result of this war, fundamental changes would occur in Iran’s borders with Armenia and Azerbaijan, or at least the geopolitical changes resulting from this war would have many effects on the national interests and security of the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

Russia has in the past, negotiated peace agreements with Azerbaijan and Armenia. With Russia being bogged down in Ukraine, it does not have the ability to currently influence this dispute.

A Jerusalem Post article states: “Iran is concerned that Azerbaijan wants to launch an attack on Armenia and cut the border between Iran and Armenia, which would disrupt a north-south trade route and ostensibly isolate Iran between Turkey and Azerbaijan by joining a land corridor from Ankara to Baku.”

Iran has moved armored forces to its northern border with Azerbaijan.

It is also interesting to note, as discussed in chapter 8 of my book, that Turkey will make its move on the “New Iran” at the beginning of the Tribulation. This could be in part because of Turkey’s alliance with Azerbaijan.


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