Unrest in Israel – rockets fired from Lebanon and Gaza – Time of the End?

Tensions are rising against Israel in the Middle East. According to the Jerusalem Post, Iran’s proxies – Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza – have launched a barrage of rockets into Western Galilee. Israel has responded with their rockets and called up their reserves to defend the country. This is the most significant attack since the 2006 war between Israel and Lebanon, amid the Jewish Passover and Muslim Ramadan. Unrest is occurring on the Temple Mount, where the third Jewish Temple will be built, which is the site where Abraham sacrificed Isaac. It is also Islam’s third holiest site, where they say Muhammad had his night vision and ascended to heaven. Located on this site is the gold Dome of the Rock, wherein it is inscribed by Muslims, “God forbid that he should have a son.”

Daniel 8 predicts a Middle Eastern war started by Iran. Iran will head south, where they have already infiltrated Syria, and potentially enter Israel. They will also go west into Iraq, which they have enormous influence already. They go north as well, where they are threatening Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan and Israel are allies, and 40% of Iran’s population is ethnic Azerbaijani who want to secede from Iran. Iran blames Israel And Azerbaijan for their current civil unrest. It is interesting that Daniel 8 does not state that Iran will go east into Afghanistan, with whom they are currently at peace.

With all the other end-time signs converging along with these tensions, we could very well be on the verge of the Tribulation and Christ’s return. This is all documented in chapter 8 of my book. You might consider forwarding this email to friends since Christ called us all to watch the signs leading to the Time of the End.

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